Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ban Harbhajan For Slapping Sreesanth

If it is true that Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth, BCCI should take firm action against him. However bad Marco Materazzi taunted Zidane in the world cup, Zidane's head butt was not justified (This is in a sport that is much more violent than cricket). Similarly whatever Sreesanth had done to invoke Harbhajan, a slap is unwarranted and not justified. BCCI should take firm action after a quick and proper enquiry. He should be banned for at least a few matches and a huge fine should be laid on him.

By this slap, Harbhajan has let himself down and made the whole nation to doubt his earlier actions during the Australian controversy. He has also given fodder to the likes of Mathew Hayden who has already called him 'an obnoxious weed'. Now even the Indians would start asking whether he is really an obnoxious weed to cricket? Expect the Australians to get back on Harbhajan with full force.

Indian Premier League

But during this controversy there will be one group of people who will laugh their way to the bank - Organizers of Indian Premier League. This controversy will generate more publicity for Indian Premier League and will shoot its television ratings further. Lalit Modi would be thanking his stars for this controversy.

Kareena and Shahid Kapoor's 'Milenge Milenge'

Shahid, Kareena back again

For all Kareena and Shahid Kapoor fans there is a reason to smile. The once in love couple will soon be seen in Boney Kapoor's Milenge Milenge.

The film has been in the making for almost two years now and is getting ready for release. Since the Shahid Kareena's first post-split film Jab We Met was such a hammer at the box office, Boney may want to cash in on Milenge Milenge as the last film to feature the two.

For almost six months, the producer has been chasing his dream pair, but now the wait is over. After months of dillydallying, Shahid and Kareena are dubbing for the film.

"Shahid, who is my neighbour, has already started dubbing for the film. Kareena will dub as soon as she returns from abroad," said Satish Kaushik, film's director.

Milenge Milenge is the Hindi version of Peter Chelsom's Serendipity. Yes, the film does have elements of Serendipity," said Kaushik.

The title suggests a touch of after life. "No, no! Milenge Milenge has got nothing to do with reincarnation. One film on that theme is more than enough," said Kaushik.

Connor Cruise Is Making His Big Screen Debut

Connor Cruise Is Making His Big Screen Debut

Following in his parents' footsteps, Connor Cruise will make his film debut in the upcoming Will Smith drama Seven Pounds, PEOPLE has learned.

Connor, 13 – who has grown up around movie sets with mom Nicole Kidman and dad Tom Cruise – will play a young version of Smith in a very minor role. Even with such famous acting mentors in his corner, Connor had to audition for the part.

"Tom is so proud of Connor," says a source. "He's proud of him for really doing this on his own."

The Columbia Pictures film, which is still in production, also costars Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Naked Truth Behind Jessica Simpson's Hospitalization!

Hey guys do you still remember that recently Jessica Simpson was hospitalized for a kidney infection. But according to Star Magazine Jessica's visit to hospital was more than a mere kidney infection.

Star magazine reports that:

Jessica Simpson's health problems were "brought on by drinking an obscene amount of alcohol," says the source. "She was treated for a kidney infection, a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection." Adding to her distress, anxious Jessica Simpson asked doctors to give her a pregnancy test! "She was a nervous wreck," says the insider. "She was three weeks late and convinced she was pregnant. She was feeling really weak and really scared. She was unraveling."

Being a celebrity is of no use, if you do not party. But one should not forget their limitations too. Jessica it's better to avoid excessive drinking if you can't handle the after effects.

Praful Lakhani (NRI businessman) runs school for deaf

Success, wealth and a good life - Praful Lakhani, a hearing impaired non-resident Indian, had it all. But he decided to run a school in Ahmedabad for children with similar problems and has several other philanthropic activities planned in Gujarat.

"It is not borne out of any instinct of spiritualism. It is all about corporate responsibility in its real sense," Lakhani, 60, who now lives in Ahmedabad but frequently, travels to New York, told reporters.

A mechanical engineer by profession, he is the promoter of the US-based Reliable Group. The group provides business management software and IT services to companiesthat seek to revamp operations, accounting and management.

Lakhani, 60, is now running a unique school in Ahmedabad where deaf children overcome their impairment.

Ironically, Lakhani too is afflicted by the problem. But he has overcome the handicap by learning to read lip movement. He is now passing on the benefit to hearing impaired children.

In response to a question as what made him turn to such children, Lakhani revealed how he overcame his handicap. He said: "Even now I am answering your questions by reading your lip movement."

Lakhani said his NRI friend based in New York had launched the school. He was finding it difficult to run it. "I decided to take over. It is as if the project fell on my lap," he said.

The school called Umang has a research centre and library. Umang is among the few research centres that develop materials such as books and media for the hearing impaired. The centre also trains nurses and healthcare professionals on how to detect loss of hearing in newborn infants.

He said: "Umang works with government and non-government agencies to bring about awareness of various in the area of disability due to hearing impairment. We have plans to set up an audio logical service centre and an ear mould laboratory, a mobile diagnostic units and a computer centre".

In the ear mould laboratory, the objective is to make customized moulds. The customized moulds will then be fitted in the hearing aids, so that they work better. Without the moulds, the efficacy of a hearing aid is only 80 per cent.

"Once it is known that a child has overcome hearing impairment, he or she is sent to a regular school. Umang's goal is to bring the afflicted children to the mainstream of life," said Lakhani.

"Umang provides educational services to 150 children free of cost through its school, which was set up in 2003."

The school will now have its own building to be constructed on a plot of 5,000 square yards in the heart of the city.

On what motivated him to focus on charitable causes, Lakhani said: "Coming from a middle class background, I am aware that my success was sparked by some key people whom I met in life, who inspired me to achieve my financial goals. I believe that it is repayment time for me. So I want to support, motivate others to reach their full potential."

Lakhani said: "I do not believe in big vision or mission statements to make it known that one is socially responsible. A simple vision is enough for one to make a mark in life."

He has many dreams. One of them is transforming rural economy. He has picked up an obscure village called Dhaboda in Gandhinagar district for the transformation experiment. The village, whose main occupation is farming, will now have a school, hospital and an integrated township. The project is in the planning stage.

Another project of Lakhani is to set up information kiosks. Namaste Indya Communications Private Limited (NICPL), a media management company that Lakhani launched, installed its first kiosk called E-Pothis (public utility information kiosks) at the city's municipal bus stand area called Lal Darwaja.

This is the first private sector project that will finance and manage public utility information kiosks. It is proposed to launch 4,000 E-Pothis all over Gujarat with an investment of Rs.800 million.

Sania Mirza Rare Video

Sania Mirza Rare Video


Madonna to get richer by £12.5m

Madonna is set to earn a staggering £12.5 million for two concerts. The 4 Minutes singer is in talks to perform in Dubai in November as part of her forthcoming world tour for £7 million and is also negotiating to sing at a party for a mystery businessman for a further £5 million. A source close to Madonna — who recently signed a £60 million deal with an entertainment promoter — said, “Madonna is about to break another record by playing the most lucrative concert of her whole career.

The negotiations for the tour to stop in Dubai in November are being finalised and she will get £7.5 million for one show alone She is also close to agreeing to play a private party in Dubai, the first of her career.” Madonna was recently named the highest-earning woman in music. The Hung Up singer’s personal fortune was boosted by her successful Confessions Tour, which generated a staggering £130 million worldwide. She also made earnings from working with a high street fashion chain and general record sales.